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Instant CXML Punchout Connectivity

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Instant Punchout Connectivity

After installation, the app instantly configures your store to receive CXML Punchout orders. Send credentials to your customer and go live.

Full Cycle Support

Start a Punchout session, transfer cart, receive order, flip an invoice. Our app handles the complete Punchout roundtrip up to invoice.

Easy Punchout configuration

Set up Identities, Shared Secret and other advanced settings like shipping as line item or enable or disable taxes or shipping.

Punchout Connect allows instant CXML Punchout integration for Shopify.

We manage the complete Punchout Cycle, from Session Start to Cart Transfer to Invoice and Credit Memos.

Easy Punchout configuration: Set up Identities, Shared Secret and other advanced customization settings like shipping as line item or enable or disable taxes and or shipping.

CXML Invoicing - Punchout Connect provides the ability to flexibly invoice customers. This includes the capability to bill for partial shipments. You and your customers will benefit from the ability to accurately invoice directly through the system.

Credit Memos - Deal with returns or price adjustments through Punchout Connect. Keep all your systems on the same page right within your Shopify admin.

Send CXML order confirmation - Punchout Connect allows to send order confirmations back to the procurement system.

Built In Simulator: Integrated Punchout simulator for testing PunchOut and Order Transfers.

Support: Quick Start, User guide, Video Guide, Help Desk and on demand support are available from the app.



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