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Push out-of-stock products to the bottom of your collections

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Move sold-outs to the bottom
Move sold-outs to the bottom

Never show your out-of-stock products at the top of their collections. The app organizes these products and moves them to the bottom.

Boost SEO with sold-out items
Boost SEO with sold-out items

Keep your out-of-stock products indexed by search engines. Why? Because customers searching for these products increase store visibility.

Useful 3-in-1 out-of-stock app
Useful 3-in-1 out-of-stock app

1. Push out-of-stock products down. 2. Hide out-of-stock products the smart way. 3. Receive low-stock and out-of-stock notifications.

Out-of-Stock Police is the most used app for managing out-of-stock products in your Shopify store.

Isn't it a pain having to sort out-of-stock products to the bottom of your collections manually? How many products do you have? Large inventory? This Shopify app will push all of the sold-out products down automatically and more...

Out-of-Stock Police is the easiest way to improve sales in a matter of days while keeping your store organized. It's not a secret that customers take their time to find what they need by browsing collections. They start at the top and continue their way down. It's up to you to have your out-of-stock products to be where they should be - at the bottom.

1. Keep out-of-stock products organized effortlessly.

Get the automation you needed.

Push out-of-stock items down to the bottom of collections automatically. No more random out-of-stock products popping up all over the place!

Improve SEO using out-of-stock products. Search engines do not care if your items are out-of-stock. They care about the availability of the page! They have to rebuild their index and links' value every time your products go away and come back. It takes their time and your money. Keep sold-out products' pages up - just don't put them in front of your customers.

Use SEO advantage to generate more leads through organic traffic. Let buyers know that these items will come back by still showing them. If buyers want something from your store - they will wait for the thing to get back in stock. Do not hide out-of-stock items.

2. Hide out-of-stock products in an intelligent and automated way.

Get the flexibility you wanted.

Tweak the app to your inventory cycles. Allow the product to be out-of-stock for X days (pushed to the bottom). If it doesn't come back in stock during this time - the app will hide it. Out-of-Stock Police will hide out-of-stock products automatically by making it unavailable and will publish it again when it's back.

Tag out-of-stock products. The app will assign a specified tag to all out-of-stock items so that you can use them in smart collections' rules, theme modifications, and so on.

3. Low stock & out-of-stock alerts & notifications

Optimize re-stock planning

Receive low stock alerts and out-of-stock alerts to your email. Get inventory data on a product or variant level. Easily export and download low stock and out-of-stock products and plan that next re-stock faster.

Great support!

We love our app, and we want you to love it too. We regularly release new updates and improvements to make managing out-of-stock products even better. If you ever need us, feel free to contact us - our support team is fast, reliable, and to the point!

Thank you for using Out-of-Stock Police!