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Easy Surveys

Create online surveys to understand the needs and satisfaction level of your customers. So you can deliver a service of excellence.

The multi-channel strategy

Your company will be able to use different ways to converse with its clients. Since QServus is usable from any device.

Real time management

You will be able to monitor the responses of your clients in real time. In this way you can take the necessary actions in time.

Build loyalty to your customers and increase your sales.

QServus is a digital platform that allows three fundamental actions for you to improve your customers trust and increase your sales.


Today's customers want to be heard and integrated. Our platform will allow you a real interaction with them, you can make them participate in the process by understanding their opinions and satisfying their needs. Furthermore, our multi-channel strategy will allow you to have conversations with your clients from any device and in multiple languages.


After listening, you should know how to analyze what your customers want to say and transform that information into business opportunities.

Our platform is so easy to use that you will visualize in a simple and immediate way, through indicators and reports, the responses of your clients. You can also download the results in Excel or PDF format, which will allow you to analyze, evaluate and use the information as you need.


The last step, after listening and analyzing, is to execute the action plan.

Our platform will allow you to take the necessary actions to be able to correctly satisfy and retain your customers. And all this in an automated way, delivering solutions aligned to the analysis, which will allow the consumer to feel considered and generate conversations that lead them to establish a relationship with your company.

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