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Bulk & Quantity Discounts, Quantity Breaks, & Volume Discounts

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Simple & Effective Discounts
Simple & Effective Discounts

Apply bulk, tiered, & volume discounts on specific products, collections or your entire product list. Quantity discounts & breaks made easy.

Increase Sales & AOV
Increase Sales & AOV

Encourage customers to purchase multiple items, driving sales, and increasing your average order value using bulk discounts/quantity breaks.

Quick & Seamless Install
Quick & Seamless Install

Create volume discounts out-of-the-box with pop-up carts & cart drawers (AJAX carts) and supports Shopify's native currency converter.

Easily apply multiple discounts in bulk and offer quantity or tiered pricing for your collections. Increase sales by encouraging your shoppers to spend more to get volume discounts. Add tiered pricing and bulk discounts to any product or collection easily in just a few clicks and no developer resources are needed.

Perfect for holiday & seasonal sales like Black Friday/Cyber Monday to increase your average order value and offer a better shopping experience for your customers.

Bulk Discounts Now is compatible with pop-up carts and cart drawers (AJAX carts), Shopify's native currency converter feature, and many types of discount codes.

What are the benefits of Bulk Discounts Now?

  • Incentivizes your customers to purchase more products in bulk, resulting in increased AOV and upselling sales.
  • Increases shopper confidence on the cart page by showing them how much they’re saving.
  • Differentiates you from your competitors and helps attract new customers.
  • Helps clear out inventory quickly for new seasons.
  • Very simple to set up with no code requirements - works out of the box with most themes.

What discounts can I add?

  • Discounts
  • Tiered pricing
  • Volume discounts
  • Quantity breaks
  • Quantity Discounts

  • All items in the cart. Shoppers get a discount when they buy more than 5 items.

  • Choose specific products for a bulk discount. Shoppers get a discount when they buy more than 5 items from your summer collection.

  • Apply discounts on specific product variants. Shoppers get a discount when they buy more than 5 red shirts.

  • Add both percentages and fixed amount discounts. Offer discounts of $10 or 10% per order.

What are the features?

  • Compatible with Shopify's Currency Converter
  • Works out of the box with most themes and AJAX carts (custom cart types, like cart drawers and popup carts), no waiting a day for theme edits.
  • Supports multiple types of discount codes.
  • Style editor helps you stylize your discount table to match your brand guidelines.
  • Analytics section to break down exactly where the conversions are coming from.
  • Doesn’t use duplicate product variants or one-time discount codes to give quantity and bulk discounts.

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