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Receive notifications via telegram when there is a new order.

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Simple Installation
Simple Installation

Easy setup. Just create telegrem chat group, add our order_shopify chat bot, then get chat group id fill in app

Full Stats
Full Stats

Order statistics since you installed the app

Convenient And Fast
Convenient And Fast

Get information about new orders quickly.

Benefits of the app.

  • Help you receive notifications when there is a new order.
  • Display order statistics by day, week, month since you installed the application.
  • Show menu list in latest order.

Installation Instructions.

  • You need to create a telegram group and invite a telegram bot named order_shopify to the group.
  • Get the group chat id to fill in the app.
  • Then when there is a new order, the bot will automatically send a notification message to your chat group.

See instructions at Media gallery