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Build Trust
Build Trust

Say Goodbye to fake reviews and spam and capture the content that inspires people to buy.

Increase Sales
Increase Sales

Recomend helps you Leverage social proof throughout the buyer journey to increase conversion rate

Better User Experience
Better User Experience

Shoppers are more likely to buy your products after interacting with user-generated content such as video and photo reviews.

Recomend Makes Reviews Fun Again With A Video-driven UX

Recomend helps you Leverage social proof throughout the buyer journey to increase trust and engagement with the power of short videos that brings products closer to the consumer.

Automatic Moderation:

We use Machine Learning to analyze every uploaded review to make sure all of your content is safe

Sentiment Analysis:

We help you make sense of what your customers really feel about a certain product

Instant Notifications:

Get notified every time a new review is uploaded or waiting for your manual moderation

Voice-text transcription:

We automatically transcribe every review to extract text for moderation and further analysis of the reviews

Coupons Code:

Recomend helps you retain more customers by incentivizing them with coupons when they add a review

Marketing Content:

You can download and use customers reviews as marketing content in your Facebook / Instagram Ads

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video review

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