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Subscription on product page

Customer choose if they want to buy the product one time or on the subscription.

Custom plans and terms

Subscription can be customized to any frequency which can be daily, weekly, monthly, etc

Easy order management

Customers and you can see all their recurring orders and history.

The subscription business model becomes popular nowadays because of its benefits. For customers, they can have their frequently used products at a better price and save time as don't need to come again and again on site and place order.


For merchants, management is under control as you know exactly how many products and when they are sold. This will not only give your regular customers a superior buying experience but will also motivate your guest visitors to become recurring order customers.

Boost recurring purchases by allowing your customers to subscribe the products they might need regularly with Ultimate subscriptions.

Feature List

  • Real time data In dashboard provides you with detailed analytics of your subscriptions, customers, revenue, and tracks your product performance.

  • Subscription and recurring payments option is available on product page The Customer will be able to see the subscription order option on the product page.

  • Easy to buy a product Subscription and non-subscription products can be purchased together in a single order.

As a merchant you can control:

  • Admin can decide from the backend if buyers can have this product one time or subscription option or both.
  • Create plans and terms to sell products using recurring subscriptions.
  • Ability to make the subscription inactive, active, or delete it.
  • Can see the following information for each recurring order placed Subscription start and expiry date, Next payment date, Plan and term, Customer, products, and order information, Status of subscription
  • Can see all payments received under an order
  • Update Billing Frequency¬†by product
  • Track & manage customer subscription
  • Set the maximum allowed number of retries for payment failure, after which the subscription will be put on hold
  • View a separate list of orders placed through the subscription
  • Assign subscription plans to product(s) manually

Your customer can control:

  • Users can choose if they want to buy the product one time or on the subscription.
  • Buyers can choose from various subscription option frequency which can be daily, weekly, monthly, etc
  • Customers can see all their recurring and regular order under My Account
  • Customer can cancel an existing subscription if they want

App automatic do:

  • Notify customer when subscription fails
  • Customer notified on subscription start, end, canceled or update

Note: App only works with Shopify Payment as your payment gateway

subscription with discount

subscription with discount

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subscription without discount

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subscription plan