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Submit quotation requests
Submit quotation requests

Let customers easily negotiate the price with you through an add to quote button, gain more trust, and increase your conversion rate.

Create draft orders
Create draft orders

Give private quotes, keep track of all deal changes, transform the quotation to orders by sending an invoice with a checkout link.

Customize templates
Customize templates

Personalize your communication in email templates and quote forms, showcase your brand and make it easier for customers to check prices

How does the app work?

Request a Quote app gives the customers the power of submitting a quote form via the "add to quote" button. Store owners will automatically receive email notifications of the details and send back the quote. When the price negotiated satisfies both sellers and customers, a request can be turned into an order successfully.

“Add to quote” button for selective products

Request a Quote allows you to remove the “Add to cart” button and add quote buttons for all or specific products. Give you a chance to offer your customers the best price and increase your conversion rate.

Option to hide price and “add to cart” button

The feature to hide price and “add to cart” button is effective for your B2B clients who have different requirements on quantity, product features, and delivery date. Also, you can provide your customers a method to gain competitive prices.

Get a high-quality and customizable quote form

Not only use a general form for all stores, but each store owner can also create a custom quote form with built-in features in our app. To illustrate a better visualization of product requests, customers can upload single or multiple files into the quote form such as images, word, excel or PDF files, and so on so that you can check and match customer’s needs.

Full features of Request a Quote

  • Customize the “Add to Quote” button and email templates to send customers
  • Add fixed discount and shipping price before converting into a draft order
  • Easily create and manage quote form
  • Show current quote status and quoting process
  • Include expiry date in the email with PDF invoice
  • Instant email notifications for new quotes, comments, or messages.
  • Set rules for certain products on pages you want to show the “Add to Quote” button.
  • Customize the quote form
  • Enable viewed products
  • Enable RFQ for out of stock products
  • Option to hide price and “add to cart” button
  • Redirect after submitting
  • Salesman Account - Create salesman accounts to generate quote request traffic.
  • Show RAQ at cart page - Submit a request for quote product at the cart page and check out for the rest.
  • Show RFQ on a separate page - Create a separate page to let the customer enter the products manually in the quote form.
  • Option to move quote requests to the draft section within 60 days to restore.


  • June 2021: Abandoned quote feature lets you reach the customers even if they don't submit quote requests
  • March 2021: Integrate with slack to send notifications, connect with Zapier and Twilio
  • March 2021: Update draft order function which allows you to edit and update your offer