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Sell more by automatically sorting products in collections

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Increase your sales
Increase your sales

Sort and categorize your products. Tweak the app to match your customers buying cycles & preferences. Optimize your store to sell more.

Prioritize winning products
Prioritize winning products

Sort products by revenue or sales. Organize products using tags, promote products manually, push sold out items down and so much more.

Organize products to drive ROI
Organize products to drive ROI

Show customers browsing your site the most profitable or important products first to help drive better ROI and sales through your store.

Bestsellers reSort is an advanced online merchandising app for Shopify with an extremely analytical mind.

Every day, Bestsellers reSort organizes millions of products for stores of different sizes. Automatically and with full multi-location support.

reSort is the easiest way to generate more revenue & sales by adjusting the order of products to your needs. It's not a secret that customers take their time to find what they need by browsing collections. They start at the top and continue their way down. reSort is the online merchandising tool that organises collections to sell more.

Create a custom order of products for any collection.

reSort analyzes sorting rules you set and re-orders products in selected collections according to these rules. Set and combine custom sorting rules globally or individually, per collection.

Automatically sort & order products by:

  • Revenue generated (for X number of days)
  • Number of sales (for X number of days)
  • Gross profit
  • Discount (% or $)
  • Inventory QTY
  • Sort by tags. (Import/export tags to sort by)
  • Date (by publish or creation date)
  • Product title
  • Product price
  • Product views
  • Random products order
  • Keep manual sort order and apply your own sorting rules

Set the number of days for reSort to look back and analyze sales - set to anything from 1 day to 360 days. Tweak this setting during festive seasons account for high traffic periods and optimize your store to capitalise on short term demand.

Organize products in collections even further!

Use different types of products & organize them all.

  • "Featured" Products - use visual merchandizing to put them to the top of a collection. Promote seasonal or special items. Set different products per collection.
  • Promote New Products - put new arrivals to the top of a collection for a specified number of days.
  • Promote 'Back in Stock' Products - set reSort to consider these products as new. Specify the total quantity or quantity change.
  • Order Products by Tags - position tagged products within a collection in the groups and order that you need.
  • Out-of-Stock Products - automatically push them to the bottom of a collection. Set backorders to be considered as in stock or out-of-stock.

Great support!

We love our app, and we want you to love it too. We regularly release new updates and improvements to make reSort even better. If you ever need us, feel free to contact us - our support team is fast, reliable, and to the point!

Every store and collection deserves a custom order of products: the order which generates more sales and presents your inventory in the best possible way to your customer.

Thank you for using Bestsellers reSort!