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Just one email doesn’t work

Not everyone is actively checking their inbox. Improve cart recovery through Email, SMS & WhatsApp sequences from a single app over Klaviyo

Get pre-tested templates

We have pre-built and tested all the messages and subject lines across channels, so you can get up and running in minutes with confidence.

Optimizations on auto-pilot

Keep your flow optimized continuously. RetainIQ learns from consumer behaviour data and dynamically optimizes with smart A/B testing.

RetainIQ lets you send personalized SMS or WhatsApp messages from your Shopify store to people who have abandoned their carts. By using a conversational interface, you can not only boost conversions in the short term but also generate recurring sales by upselling customers with additional packs, answers to questions and more!

Recover More Abandoned Checkouts and Drive Revenue

We engage in real conversations that not only lead to higher conversion rates and increased order sizes, but also higher lifetime value! In essence, RetainIQ empowers you to engage and delight your customers throughout the buying journey.

Human Touch for Better Customer Experience

Customers don't want off-putting, robotic messages, these tend to turn away customers. They crave a human element to help them with their shopping experience. This is why it's crucial for e-commerce sites to communicate with potential buyers in such a way that reflects their needs.

RetainIQ is enhanced by AI, but it's humans who run the show and answer quickly and accurately to provide a good experience to your customers.

Easily Track Performance

Easily track performance in real time on the live dashboard. See RetainIQ performance by analyzing all key metrics - how much additional revenue was made, how many carts were recovered and how many conversations were had.

Review conversations with customers and provide feedback

You will be able to check our conversations with your customers so that you can keep track of just how they feel about your product and find out how you can improve it in the future. If you think a conversation was handled poorly or if there is something being said elsewhere that affects it, you'll also be able to provide feedback to make sure things are handled better in the future.

Reveal insights from customer conversations and improve your business

With RetainIQ’s insightful features, you’ll know more about your audience than ever before and understand how to use that information for growing your business! You’ll not only sell more but generate a better ROI with an even higher customer satisfaction rate.

Share your knowledge base and configure discount

Ship out a documentation update and share your knowledge base with our agents if there is anything that we should know. Configure the discount in settings to give your customers an added incentive to purchase.

Your customers details are secure and not visible to any of our agents

Customer personal details are never visible to any of our agents. Whenever a chat is passed to our agents, they will only get to see the customer name and shopping cart contents.

Email templates for every need

Email templates for every need

Prebuilt flows that deliver

Prebuilt flows that deliver

Out of the box email flows

Out of the box email flows

Continuos improvement driven by our experts

Continuos improvement driven by our experts