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Return Analytics
Return Analytics

Access key analytics such as return reasons, return rate. Get notified on return trends & take data-driven decisions to improve bottomline.

Full Returns Portal
Full Returns Portal

Offer exchanges to improve customer retention and store credits to reduce your carbon footprint. All under a branded returns portal!

Process Unlimited Returns
Process Unlimited Returns

With EcoReturns, you can process unlimited number of returns for free. We don’t charge you for any product returned.

Why EcoReturns?

EcoReturns enables sellers to reduce the environmental and economic impact of eCommerce returns using artificial intelligence. We aim to prevent returns while protecting your bottom line and the environment. With EcoReturns, sellers can process an unlimited number of returns as we don’t charge for any item returned.

Actionable insights from returns analytics

EcoReturns lets you access key returns-related data including return reasons, return rate, returns by region, revenue lost to returns, and many more such parameters in a central dashboard updated real-time. With the analytics in hand, make data-driven decisions on how to reduce return rate and improve customer retention.

Offer exchanges and store credits

EcoReturns provides you with a fully customized returns portal where you can offer exchanges to customers or store credits based on your returns policy. Get a branded returns portal in just a few clicks and enhance customer experience.

Sustainable Approach

Reduce carbon footprint by focusing on returns prevention rather than returns management alone. EcoReturns lets you encourage customers to retain the product instead of a return with features like store credits, thus enabling you to become a climate change warrior.

How to use EcoReturns

Installing EcoReturns to your store is extremely easy as our proprietary AI-ML-powered omnichannel solution integrates seamlessly in just under a few minutes. Install the app for your online store in a few clicks and start contributing to a sustainable environment!