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Bulk Order Booking

Save time by using our features including bulk order booking.

Review Shipments

Avoid mistakes by reviewing all the information before order is booked.

Fast Shipping

We offer fast shipping in Pakistan by using technology to improve efficiency.

About Rider Logistics

Rider Logistics is an e-commerce logistics business in Pakistan, giving online shippers across the country a tech-driven, customer-centric, solution to last mile delivery that is quick, reliable and transparent. Our mission is to transform e-commerce logistics in Pakistan. One perfect delivery at a time. 

Founded in Karachi in 2019, Rider Logistics is a B2B2C service that delivers e-commerce products from online stores and marketplaces to the customers’ doorstep. Operational innovation is core to our mission. Our operations, innovation and technology teams continuously re-imagine, re-design and re-build operations that work for early emerging markets. 

• Fleet and route management optimization.

• Operational efficiency and versatility.

• Re-imagined buyer experience.

• Innovative delivery agent behavioral analysis.

• Smart hubs and delivery centers.

Our Shipper base trust our team and service to provide a seamless delivery experience, enabling them to focus on business growth  Flexible and simple integration between shipper and Rider Logistics platforms Multiple shipping options, including: Same Day; 24 Hours; 1-3 Days. Full visibility on all deliveries (actual attempts, fake attempts, failed attempts

Rider Logistics portal Api Setting

Rider Logistics portal Api Setting

Shipper information

Shipper information

Order Booking Page

Order Booking Page