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Boost sales through estimated delivery date, visitors counter

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Boost sales
Boost sales

Multifunctional widgets are displayed on the pages of products, shopping carts, etc., which can significantly increase the conversion rate.

Estimated delivery time
Estimated delivery time

Formulate reasonable estimate delivery date info to let visitors know when their order will be delivered to increase the conversion rate.

Customize All Widget
Customize All Widget

Create a sense of urgency by customizing widgets such as estimated delivery time and visitor counters to increase conversion rates.

Use Sale Boost application to provide more services to promote your sales. As a senior e-commerce merchant, you should feel how important the sense of trust, scarcity, and urgency are to promoting sales. For this purpose, sale boost will provide you with a series of solutions (Unrealized functions will be continuously developed).

How does Sale Boost ‑ Sunflower work?

Sale Boost is a multi-functional application that can provide more services to increase your sales. Currently supports the estimated delivery date and Visitors Counter functions.

Estimated delivery date features

  • Display your estimated date message on the product page, cart page, checkout page etc...
  • Set country/product/collection expected delivery date range and message
  • Customize date format, display position/margin, text color/size, etc...
  • Works out-of-the-box—no complicated theme installation or coding required
  • Unlimited widget display

Visitors Counter features

  • Display your number of visitors message on the product page( This number is refreshed every 10 seconds)


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