Sales Countdown Timer Bar 2.0

Instantly add a Sales Countdown Timer, Bar, Clock, or Counter!

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Create Urgency, Boost Sales

Countdown Timers leverage buyer impulsivity and fear-of-missing-out by clearly displaying how long, or how much stock, is left in your sale!

Setup a timer in a few clicks!

Create always-on, recurring, or fixed-length timers, and display them anywhere on your store. Read description below for a full feature list

Advanced Design Options

Have full control over how your timer looks! Multiple templates and design options. Plus, apply rules on how/where it appears on the store

Adding a Countdown Timer to your store couldn’t be easier! Fits to any store and includes user-friendly timer customization options. Perfect for any Flash Sale, Product Launch, or Event Countdown.

Adding the Countdown Timer only takes a few clicks:

  1. Simply choose where to display the timer (Homepage, collections, product pages, or a specific URL)
  2. Schedule when your timer will display.
  3. Select from a range of timer templates, fully customize it to suit your store or sale event.
  4. Preview your countdown timer before it goes live. Once it’s perfect, simply hit publish.

Free 24/7 App Support (Live Chat + Developer Support)

Our app includes 24/7 live human chat support, as well as phone or email support. If on the rare occasion the app doesn't work at first with your theme, our App development team can assist to get it working totally free, and within ample time.

Compatible with any theme

Our countdown timer makes minimal changes to your store and is optimized for page load performance. If you encounter any conflicts with our app simply contact our FREE 24/7 live support for an immediate fix.

Displays perfectly on all devices

Our app is optimized for desktop, mobile, and tablet, so the timer always appears as expected. You can even create separate timer designs for desktop and mobile.

Fully Customizable Announcement Bar (NEW):

Keep customers informed about free shipping, welcome discounts, flash sales, and special offers when you’re not using the sale countdown timer.

Detailed Countdown Timer settings:

  • Create an always active, recurring or fixed-length sale countdown timer.
  • Choose whether to display the timer at the header or footer of your store.
  • Choose whether the timer is ‘sticky’ and scrolls down the page.
  • Show the same timer for all users OR set up a timer unique to each user, which only starts when they first visit your store.
  • Auto-restart the sale countdown timer on the scheduled end date.

This app is perfect for Merchants who:

  • Are looking to save time by adding a personalized Countdown timer, without development or coding.
  • Use FOMO techniques to help convert hard earned traffic and increase sales.
  • Are looking to drive buyer engagement and improve customer experience.
  • Regularly run Sales Events like: Limited time offers, clearance sales, daily deals, product releases, or free shipping.

Why add a Sales Countdown Timer to your store?

In short, sale countdown timers work by targeting buyer impulsivity, creating urgency, and instilling a fear-of-missing-out (FOMO) to influence their buying decisions. Countdown Timers work great best alongside any promotion, as shoppers can visualize exactly how much time they have left to purchase discounted products.

countdown timer bar

countdown timer bar

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timer design

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