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A totally new solution for hassle-free EU parcel shipping.

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NEW solution for EU shipping

Problems shipping in to the EU? Didn't think there was an all-round solution? SAMOS is it - a revolutionary new UK to EU delivery service.

NO VAT charges to receivers

Your customers will NEVER be asked for VAT, Duty or any other charges on delivery.

NO customs issues

Totally new parcel routing and customs clearance process ensures no customs issues, returns & undeliverable or refused parcels.

Having problems with EU parcel delivery or given up shipping to the EU completely? Try our revolutionary new European parcel delivery solution. It's bespoke, simple, cheap, effective and it works!

Get your EU sales confidently back on track with SAMOS.

We operate the UK's first EU parcel delivery service specifically designed from scratch for the post Brexit world.

We're completely different to other parcel delivery companies

Our unique parcel routing and clearance process ensures that your parcels are delivered across the EU efficiently and quickly in 3 to 7 days.

No IOSS?- no problem. We invoice VAT back to you at cost!

Like DDP, we are able to invoice EU import charges back to you at cost, not with a premium surcharge like the other parcel delivery companies. We can also clear with IOSS numbers too. Check out the blog pages on our websites for customer testimonials and more details on how our service works.

Your customers NEVER pay VAT or any other charges on delivery

Your EU customer simply takes delivery of their order, no hassle, no drama, no extra charges - EVER!

Sound good? Start shipping with us today - or give us a trial

The most common question we get asked is "Why didn't I know about you before?". You do now. Time to confidently get your EU sales back! - without any stress. Start shipping today by completing the online form at the "Start Shipping Today" link on our homepage and we'll get in touch or call 0203 475 9330

Create our shipping labels and export info straight from your Shopify platform in seconds:

Key features of this app:

Allows your Shopify store to connect to the SAMOS platform to perform the following tasks:

  • Creates a carrier service that connects to SAMOS parcel delivery quote generator that calculates the shipping cost based on the weight and dimensions of the items in a user’s cart.

  • View your all your recent orders from the SAMOS connect dashboard allowing you to select orders you want to view more details about or ones that have SAMOS delivery selected.

  • Allows you to see the orders fulfilment status and other order important details like address, selected delivery method, weight, items SKU and quantities etc.

  • Allows you to map product SKU with Harmonised System (HS) Codes needed for shipping

  • Gives you the ability to select the quantity of each item in the order the fulfil using SAMOS delivery service.

  • Connects with the SAMOS connect API to create a parcel and generate a shipping label for the selected items in the delivery

  • Automatically updates Shopify with a tracking number and tracking link when available

  • Gives you the ability to cancel a parcel from Shopify or SAMOS that will automatically update each platform about the parcel’s status

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