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Real time low stock alert
Real time low stock alert

Get notified immediately for a low stock inventory item as soon as it goes under the stock threshold on your slack channel or message.

Real time cart abandoned alert
Real time cart abandoned alert

Get notified immediately for abandoned carts as soon as a user leaves the shop without completing an order on your slack channel or message.

Spend less time communicating
Spend less time communicating

Create custom notifications to specific slack channels according to order type or product type.

Get Order notifications, Low inventory stock notifications, Cart abandoned notifications within Slack, Immediately

Are you sick and tired of checking your emails or Shopify dashboard regularly to see if a new order has arrived? Or inventory stock is getting low? Or user carts are getting abandoned?

Then SB: Store alerts is the right app for you, the application will send notifications instantly on slack. The notifications will be so detailed so that you won’t need to check in the dashboard to get a complete summary.

If your store has a large inventory or is managed by multiple employees then you can easily customize the notifications based on products and based on employee channels so that you will not spam the whole team only to respective members. The app provides a one-click setup where you can easily enable the notifications. If you have any issues you can email us and we will respond within an hour.

Key features:

  • Send alerts to concerned recipients for Low-stock product variants
  • Send alerts to concerned recipients for new orders or abandoned carts
  • Set stock threshold level to trigger the notifier
  • Set up notifiers in few seconds, no coding required
  • Send as many notification as needed
  • Create multiple notifiers for different use cases

Upcoming features

  • Send abandoned alert to customers
  • Email notification, WhatsApp notification
  • Web push notification
  • Quick WhatsApp help

Note: One-click install and easy to set up in a few minutes, no developers needed.

What more?

Apart from these features, you will also view your orders, products, in the tool and you can enable notification to get notified of every new order by Chrome web notification or mobile push notification.