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Easy order scanning, inventory scanning & barcode printing

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Reduce inventory errors
Reduce inventory errors

Save money and headaches by reducing mistakes with accurate order picking and inventory cycle counts via scanning.

Add accountability
Add accountability

See who scanned inventory and items picked for each order over time.

Scan with your phone
Scan with your phone

Download the Shopify Android or IOS App and start scanning with your mobile phone's camera.

Order picking and inventory scanning workflow.

A simple mispack or miscount of your inventory will lead to compounding costs, not to mention upset customers who may never return. While mistakes do happen, our scanning workflow serves to dramatically minimize that occurrence.

What sets us apart is our focus on accountability. Every user will be prompted to start a session with their initials and location - which is unique to their device and resets every 24 hours. Then, the session is used to log who scanned what items over time.

Order scanning:

  • Visually select open fulfillments by shipping, vendor, order number or other filters.
  • Then, confirm items picked per order by scanning each barcode.
  • Once an order is picked, our app will automatically add a note to the timeline detailing who scanned what item(s) and when.
  • Our app will also automatically tag the order as "Picked" or "Partially Picked" to process orders that have been picked at a later time.

Inventory cycle counting:

  • Scan any inventory barcode to do a cycle count and check the real-time quantity available against the count of items committed to orders that have not yet been fulfilled.
  • Instantly enter an update if the physical count is off.
  • Easily view and filter the log of who checked or updated what items over time.

Barcode label printing:

  • Select and create barcode labels to any inventory item you have created.
  • Choose from common Dyno and Avery templates.
  • Download a pdf batch of labels and send to your respective printer.