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Conjurings Of A Witch
Google | Lucky
5 Jan. 15, 2022 App has great features like printing barcodes, picking through scanner, and cycle counting capabilities with the option of seeing actual inventory, not just what you haven't sold which is what shopify shows. All these features in one app, plus it is super fast, i was impressed how quick it processed the request. I hope they expand more into this field of warehouse management. Great job on the app!
One Wholesale
Google | Lucky
5 Nov. 19, 2021 I'm running three online stores and I found this app, and right from the start, it was almost perfect. But I need some features. I messaged support and less than 24 hours, Jesse replied and added a feature within 24 hours which I need for. I used the other App for my order process. But there was some bug and ask to the support to fix it. I haven't heard any answer regarding the issues. From now on, I've switched to the ScanPick from the other app for all of my stores. This app is easy to use and integrate. Thank you for the excellent support and response time!