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Fit solution that provides accurate fit recommendations

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One-time Setup in 5 Easy Steps
One-time Setup in 5 Easy Steps

Once your customers enter their measurements they are a Scircula user and provided with frictionless fit experiences on every visit

Accurate Specific Fit Reco's
Accurate Specific Fit Reco's

Take critical fit factors into account; how a garment is intended to fit, where it stretches or does not and how fit changes with wear over

Real-time Fit Intelligence
Real-time Fit Intelligence

Enables you to turn customer size, fit and buying behaviour data into action, maximizing every cent you spend from eCommerce to Production

About Scircula

We are a purpose-led Fit Intelligence Company on a mission to empower responsible consumption and production (SDG 12) in the fashion industry. By using smart technology and a data-driven approach, we help leading fashion brands eliminate fit problems across their entire value chain, enabling them to build the most profitable and sustainable businesses.

Why leading Sustainable Fashion Brands Trust us:

  • Accurate garment specific fit recommendations
  • Reduced CO2 generating returns
  • Increased sales
  • White-label, looks + feels like your brand

Zero-code 4 Step Integration

Makes it easy to get started in days, not months.

  1. Custom Model. We train our algorithms with your unique data to ensure our solution provides the most accurate garment specific fit recommendations to your customers.
  2. Application Design. We design the Find My Fit button that goes on your product pages and customises the in-App design features, making it look, feel like your brand.
  3. Shopify App. We create and install our custom Shopify Fit Solution into your website, enabling us to fully integrate our platform with yours fully. Zero-code required on your end!
  4. Launch Scircula. We test the Find My Fit tool on every garment to ensure it’s working, looks awesome and will give your customers the most frictionless fit experiences.

Ready to eliminate your fit problems and build the most profitable and sustainable business?

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