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Just as You Wish
Just as You Wish

Easy to customize based on your desire and theme

Unique Features
Unique Features

Button hover effects and animations available

Hassle-free Integration
Hassle-free Integration

Supports with all themes without affecting the website speed

Scrolling up a lengthy webpage takes time and reduces the visitors' buying intention. Thus, when the website has lengthy pages, the visitors prefer to go back to the top of the webpage with one click of a button. In such scenarios, Scroll To Top app is a must-have app on your e-commerce store to improve customer user experience.

The visitor of the website might be interested in purchasing your product after reading your product description or article. But they may want to scroll back to the top in order to get access to the menu or the cart. This app will help you to solve the problem with ease.


  • Customize the style based on your desire
  • Configure scrolling speed and transition
  • Position it with your preference
  • 24/7 customer support