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Translate reviews

Multi-regional content translation: avis, Avaliações, Bewertungen, Recensioni,مراجعة. Help your local users convert to purchases.

Import from AliExpress

Easily import comments with content from AliExpress to your store, and you can import 50 comments at a time.

Collect Reviews Effectively

Auto collect and display numerous reviews: email invitations, issue discount coupons, reminders, Aliexpress star rating.

Vstar helps you turn Social proof (from reviews and other user-generated content like photos and videos) to become the most effective marketing material, and level up your conversion rate, organic traffic, and buyer engagement!

What is the Vstar Product Reviews Seal Review App?

We are a full-featured review app, dedicated to helping you collect and display star ratings and reviews about your products and Shopify store with Photos. Shopify & Shopify Plus merchants use Vstar to boost trust, drive word of mouth and referrals, and increase customer retention and sales.

Vstar has all the features you need

  • Product page review display
  • 2 kinds of layout switching
  • Aliexpress reviews import
  • CSV file reviews import
  • Product review management
  • Email/SMS after-sales management
  • Picture review show
  • multilingual support
  • Conversion promotion

Collect more reviews, photos, and videos from real customers

Vstar uses smart and customizable review/SMS request emails to gather authentic product reviews, it will send review requests and Photo/Video reminders, and schedules by delivery time or order status.

Import existing reviews quickly of other platforms

Collect photos review directly via AliExpress reviews importer and other apps for a dropshipping business. Migrate existing reviews quickly from other apps/platforms by importing CSV files.

Customizable widget to match YOUR BRAND

Vstar’s Shopify reviews app provides merchants with eye-catching widgets for showcasing their nice customer content.

Turn every customer into return customers

Next-purchase discount codes for photo and video reviews; Incentivize customers with discounts to encourage them to leave a review and turn them into return customers.

Manage all the photo/video reviews easily

You decide which product reviews get published and show off all your product reviews in one place(happy customer page). You can also edit all your reviews and make them match your products.

Global multilingual online store opening

Available in English, French (Avis) & 6 other languages(评价, コメント, Bewertung, Avis, Отзывов, Avaliação, 구매후기), help to grow your business all over the world.

First-class technical service support

● 24/7 customer support ● Widget installation & CSS customization ● More Features Coming Soon

Let UGC boost your sales today!

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Get traffic

Invite comments

Invite comments

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social channel distribution

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