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Increase Revenue by Sorting Products using Data Analytics

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Increase your revenue
Increase your revenue

Improve conversion rates and margins per order by using performance metrics like past orders, revenue and inventory status to sort products.

Improve user engagement
Improve user engagement

Pin featured products to the top and sequence trending products to engage consumers who are unsure of what they want and improve conversions

Eliminate manual work & errors
Eliminate manual work & errors

Leverage data to automatically sort collection pages to show bestsellers and new items on top while pushing sold out items to the bottom.

What is Collection Page Merchandising?

It is an automation tool that helps increase revenue by re-arranging products on the collection pages. The app uses advanced data analytics to assign product rankings by taking decisions algorithmically using past data and eliminates the manual task of sorting collection pages which is often error-prone and unmanageable for most store owners.

Additionally, it helps push sold-out items to the bottom thus improving user experience and allowing you to execute your merchandising strategy effectively and efficiently.

Create rules to manage the order of products for any collection.

The app uses a set of global and collection-specific settings to automatically sort products. The sorting can happen on-demand at any time, daily at a fixed interval or any other frequency of your choice. You can choose to sort even a single collection if required at the click of a button.

The app can sort & order products by:

  • Revenue generated (for X number of days).
  • Number of sales (for X number of days).
  • By Date. Sort by published, create, and update date.
  • By Inventory Quantity.
  • By Product price
  • By Discount (% or $).

That's not all!

Along with this, you can pin any number of featured products of your choice to always show at the top. You can also use a combination of pinned products, new products and bestsellers by revenue (1 day to 360 days) to create a great first impression for your site visitors,

Collection Page Merchandising app helps you to execute your unique merchandising strategy:

  • Pin "Featured" products to the top – Pin products to the top of each collection to promote trending products, discounted items, runaway successes or special items. You can also use this feature to promote season-specific products with an easy to use drag and drop editor.
  • Promote “New” Products – Keep new arrivals to the top of a collection for a specified number of days. This could be an extremely powerful feature for apparel stores that keep adding fresh designs.
  • Push down “Out-of-Stock” Products – Eliminate manual work by automatically pushing sold out items to the bottom. This issue is often neglected as it is an extremely tedious task to keep track of out of stock items across all collection pages.
  • Promote “Daily deals” – You can sort clearance/on sale/deals pages with the best offers on top which can be a great online merchandising strategy
  • Manage “Back in Stock” Products – Configure the app to consider back-in-stock products as new and promote them to new visitors.
  • Automatically leverage your order data to continuously improve product sorting & conversion rate by showing best sellers on top while demoting slow-moving products.

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