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Migrate unlimited Gift Cards from any Website or POS

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Save time & money
Save time & money

Migrating Gift Cards used to be a manual process. Now you can migrate all of your Gift Cards with ease saving you time and money.

Migrate Gift Cards
Migrate Gift Cards

Migrate Gift Cards from any website or POS system. We make it simple to get started with your new POS system or Website.

Expert Support
Expert Support

Not a Shopify expert? Don’t worry—we are. And we offer personalized support from our team of developers.

Migrate Gift Cards from any POS system or Website

…because friends don’t let friends leave Gift Cards behind. #NGCLB

How it Works

  1. Export your gift cards from your old system (be it POS or website)

  2. Rearrange the columns of your Gift Card CSV to match our Selling Point CSV

  3. Import your new Gift Card CSV

  4. Click import and sit back while we migrate all of your gift cards into Shopify

Why We Built It

The world has forever changed and as a result, brands have had to pivot their businesses online. As Shopify experts, we too hunkered down during this digital revolution to try and support brands and migrate as many merchants as we could onto Shopify. Until now, if you wanted to migrate your gift cards from another platform to Shopify, you had to do either: do so manually, or contact a developer to build you a one time use Gift Card Migration App. Both of these options came at a cost - time or money.

We wanted to empower merchants with the option to migrate their Gift Cards onto Shopify in minutes not days. We can migrate gift cards from any POS system or any website. The beauty of our solution is you keep the original balance of the Gift Cards as well as the current balance. So you can see the history of the Gift Cards from their creation.

We are merchant obsessed and want more merchants to experience the ease of running an omni-channel business on Shopify. We are here to level up business together.