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Reliable Delivery Protection
Reliable Delivery Protection

Give your customers peace of mind! When they add Shield Services at checkout, we Shield their orders from being lost, stolen, or damaged.

Superior Customer Service
Superior Customer Service

Improve your post purchase experience! Our customers are your customers and we vow to take care of them.

Speedy Resolutions
Speedy Resolutions

Spend less time dealing with issues! Let Shield Services quickly resolve your customer's delivery claims.

Any great merchant needs to ask themselves these questions:

  • Have your customers ever received a damaged package?
  • Have your customers ever lost a delivery?
  • Have your customers ever had their order be stolen from their front porch?
  • Have your customers ever even remotely worried about those things happening?

If the answer is yes to any of those, then you need to download Shield Services - Delivery Protection and give your customers the opportunity to protect their precious orders.

What Is Shield Services - Delivery Protection?

Shield Services stands to eliminate the frustrations that can arise with online shopping. Merchants and shoppers alike are constantly struggling and worrying about their deliveries. By adding Shield Services - Delivery Protection to your store, you give every one of your customers the opportunity to protect their order from being lost, stolen, or damaged in transit. For just a fraction of the cart value (specifically 1%-5% with a minimum of $.98), your customers can rest assured that no matter what, they will receive their order.

How Shield Services Helps You

  • Your customers have the piece of mind that if anything happens to their order, they will be taken care of
  • If something does happen to an order, Shield Services' customer service team will quickly and smoothly resolve it. Leaving your customer happy and returning to your store.
  • Turn losses into more sales. When a claim is accepted, Shield Services will repurchase the order from you again so you never have to lose money replacing orders yourself.
  • Reduce the amount of effort put into customer service. Let us deal with delivery issues.

How To Get Shield Services - Delivery Protection

  1. Click the green button that says "Add app"
  2. Click the green button that says "Install app"
  3. Click the green button that says "Approve Subscription" (The subscription is $0.00)
  4. That's it! You can now trust that Shield Services will take care of your customers who opt-in for Delivery Protection