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A Self-funded Shipping Protect

Create a self-funded shipping protection & Upsell, Route premiums back to yourself, and offset the cost of claims.

Give customers peace of mind

Data shows that shipping protection will reinforce customer trust, Increase conversions & additional revenue.

Proactive customer support

Easy to use, the Support Team is available for installation. Positive, fast, and accurate response. Perfectly embedded in your store theme.

Captain Insure - Reinforces Customer Trust & Increase Conversions & Additional Revenue.

Captain Insure is a tool to create a self-funded shipping protection plan for your customers, We give the lead to the merchants themselves, Offset the cost of claims for damage, loss, or theft shipments. (We are not an insurance company and do not underwrite plans.)

Customizable insurance widget

  • Super easy to install.
  • Perfect supports your Cart and Themes.
  • Flexibility to customize your branding plan.
  • Insurance pricing based on your business.

Store GMV improvement

  • Give customers peace of mind, Pass the power to choose to customers reinforces customer trust.
  • Risk mitigation made easy.
  • Balance based on flexible pricing, Increase conversions & additional revenue.

24/7 Live Chat Support

  • Need help? Don't hesitate to contact us via online chat or email, we are always glad to help you. Even better, Our Support team is available for installation. Positive, fast, and accurate response for all of our customers.

Why we are different

  • We are committed to building a platform for Customer Experience of Post-Purchase, We will build package tracking, intelligent pricing models, and claims management for merchants to gain business success.