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Fully branded gift cards
Fully branded gift cards

Say goodbye to the default gift cards and replace it with a custom design created just for you (or create your own)

Your own logo, colors & design
Your own logo, colors & design

Make your gift cards look more polished and professional and help build brand awareness)

Optimized gift cards
Optimized gift cards

Make your gift cards mobile and print friendly for use online or on your in-store Shopify POS

Shopkeeper Branded Gift Cards is a quick and easy way to add fully branded gift cards to your store along with a streamlined gift card ordering process.

Your professionally designed gift card gives you complete control over the cover, background, virtual gift card and print friendly version. Add your logo, photos of your products or store or just incorporate some cool textures that better match your brand!

Bonus: Your customers can add a "to" and "from" name to each Shopify gift card sent, plus a personal message!

Better, More Professional Gift Cards with this Shopify Gift Card App

Shopkeeper Branded Gift Cards is a simple and easy to use app that lets you ditch the default Shopify gift card layout and let shoppers send gift cards to friends and family using our exclusive virtual gift card layout with completely customized and branded for your store. Plus, as a bonus, your customers can add a personal note and "from" name to every gift card, making every gift more personal.

Full Service Professional Design Available

You'll work with a professional designer who specializes in digital gift card and ecommerce design to create a branded gift card design that works for your store.

Your Shopify branded gift card design package includes:

  • An initial design that includes a custom background, cover, virtual gift card and print version integrated with our exclusive animated gift card framework.
  • Any custom logos, photographs or other design elements you provided incorporated into the final design.
  • Access to a professional graphic designer with ecommerce and digital gift card experience.
  • Up to 3 hours of design time for revisions and corrections.

Your branded gift cards will look great on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices — and even come with a print friendly design!

Important Notes

  • Gift card compatible Shopify plan required
  • Please note the custom branding and design can only be applied to the cover image, background image, virtual gift card and print friendly image. No changes to the sizing, shapes, layout or animation are available.