ShopKeeper Easy Gift Cards

Let customers quickly buy gift cards with "from" name & note

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Easy customizable gift cards
Easy customizable gift cards

Customers can add their name and a personal note to gift cards for your store

One easy form
One easy form

Customers do all of this on a single, simple form right on your gift card product page, making it fast and easy to send gift cards

Optimized experience
Optimized experience

Gift card recipients get a desktop, tablet, mobile and print friendly gift card experience

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Shopkeeper Easy Gift Cards adds a single, simple form to your gift card product page that lets shoppers add a "from" name and personal note to gift cards purchased from your store. Most stores can simply change to our provided product template.

The app adds the following fields to your gift card product page:

  • Recipient's name (not email address)
  • Sender's name
  • Personal note

Recipient email is not collected without our Gift Card Scheduler add on app. Search the app store for more details.

Not only does this make sending a gift card a simple and easy process, it lets your customers make their Shopify gift cards a bit more personal with a personal note and the ability to sign their name.

Adding a personal note lets your customers send gift cards to friends, family and other important people in their lives for any occasion — whether it's birthday, Christmas or "just because."

How it works

  1. Customer selects a gift card amount from your preset options.
  2. Customer enters the recipient's name, their name and a note in clear and easy to use fields.
  3. Customer adds the gift card to your store's cart and check out as normal.
  4. The gift card is emailed to the customer for forwarding to the recipient (or search "Shopkeeper Gift Card Scheduler" to let gift givers schedule a notification to the recipient after purchase).
  5. The recipient clicks the link in the gift card to open the gift card and see redemption instructions.

A better look for your Shopify gift cards

Gift card recipients receive an immersive, animated gift card experience that's also mobile and print friendly and prominently displays the personal note and gift giver's name so they know who the gift is from. See the demo URL below to see the full experience.

Why sell gift cards?

  • Gift cards are a great way to make it easier for customers to send gifts without having to worry about picking the right size or color.
  • Gift card purchasers tend to spend over the face value of the gift card, giving you more revenue.
  • Gift cards are a great way for existing customers to introduce new customers to your store.

Simple, easy pricing

No transaction fees or other hidden fees.

Important notes

Please note that this app requires a Shopify account with the gift card feature. It does not add the ability to send and redeem gift cards to lower level Shopify plans. This app uses a single design — and does not include a preview of the gift card in order to keep the interface as simple as possible.