Senlabs Simple Pick & Pack

Easily Pick & Pack your orders & save a lot of time!

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3 Easy Steps
3 Easy Steps

Add tags to your orders in bulk for planning fulfillment of the ordered items.


With the tagged orders you can now create a pick list and see which quantities of ordered items you need to pick from the warehouse.


Open the pack list and pack the tagged orders.

This app helps merchants to simplify their fulfillment process!

With the help of our app you are able to:

-Bulk add tags to orders (important if multiple persons are fulfilling orders or you are fulfilling large quantities yourself)

-Create a picklist ordered by items (not orders) and save time picking the ordered items from the warehouse.

-Create a pack list and pack your orders without clicking through all the orders in Shopify!

Save a lot of time by avoiding clicking through all open Shopify orders and instead see all relevant information for your fulfillment process in one app.