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No Stripe or PayPal required!
No Stripe or PayPal required!

Unlike other membership apps, you can now use the Shopify Checkout to process payments! This means everything is now tracked within Shopify

Optionally show/hide content
Optionally show/hide content

Tag customers and orders easily, show or hide store content/products/blogs, and easily work with other apps which use customer tags

So much extra functionality
So much extra functionality

Members-only discount codes, Shopify POS integration, failed credit card retries, customer emails, more reliable email delivery and more.

Sell memberships using the Shopify Checkout!

Simplee Memberships allows you to sell memberships on your Shopify store while using your existing checkout. This means you can use existing Shopify products, track inventory, charge appropriate taxes, offer discount codes, and let customers check out using your existing checkout.

No more setting up a Stripe or PayPal merchant account, creating widget pages on your storefront and embedding widgets. Our app makes this experience seamless, our memberships widget appears on the product page, and customer orders appear in your Shopify admin.

Show exclusive content to members only

If you want to limit some content on your storefront only to members, Simplee Memberships makes it easy to create rules. Currently, these include:

  • Show specific pages only to members
  • Show specific blogs only to members
  • Show specific products only to members
  • Show specific articles (blog posts) only to members
  • Show product prices only to members
  • Show the add to cart button only to members

If you want to hide all pages, blogs, or products from visitors unless they're members, you can do that too!

Ask additional questions on signup

You can easily add as many questions as you want to your membership signup form, and track these answers directly in the app. Some of the types of fields you can add include:

  • Short or Long Text Field
  • Checkbox
  • Dropdown (select) list
  • Radio Buttons
  • Checkbox List

For any field, you can choose to make it required, and can decide if it will show up as a line item property in the cart and at checkout.

Customer and Order Tags

All customers with active memberships get tagged automatically in Shopify. This makes it easy to use other Shopify apps that use tags, like pricing and loyalty apps. We also add a unique tag to all orders to show that they contain a membership product.

Memberships Portal

Let members login and manage their existing membership. This includes updating their payment information, extending or pausing their memberships, and more.

Credit Card Retries

We will automatically notify customers if their payment method fails, and let you choose how frequently to retry their payment. We also make it easy for customers to update their billing information.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Sell memberships using Shopify Payments, Authorize.net, or PayPal Express - all using your existing checkout.

Sell Memberships Along With Other Products

Because our memberships use existing products on your existing checkout, this means customers can also purchase any other products on your store!

Offer Members-Only Discounts with Discounting Apps

Simplee Memberships tags all active members, making it easy to use discounting apps which create discounts based on customer tags.