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Amazon FBA multi-marketplace & multi-location sync

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Sell Worldwide
Sell Worldwide

Easily handle your inventory and pricing from multiple Amazon marketplaces and multiple Shopify locations, all from one app.

Never Over-sell Again
Never Over-sell Again

By auto-magically syncing price and inventory between Amazon and your shop, you’ll never have to worry about over or under selling again.


SnapSync is easily setup, and configured with in-app help plus instant chat and live support from Cara, a phone call away.

We are Amazon experts, with a multitude of Happy Shop Owners

With two other Amazon related apps, and many years of experience in the Shopify app store, plus formerly selling on Amazon ourselves, there are no better Amazon FBA experts in the Shopify ecosystem. And when you need help, you’ll be in touch with Cara, a former Amazon employee who will take you by the hand and calmly resolve any FBA issues you may have.

Why SnapSync?

Selling on both Shopify and Amazon can be super profitable, but maintaining inventory across multiple marketplaces and keeping everything in sync can be a nightmare. Throw in multiple Shopify locations and the complexity increases like a college level calculus class that no one passed.

SnapSync solves these worries by:

  • Connecting ALL your Amazon Marketplaces around the world to as many Shopify locations as you like. If you have 1 or 100 we have you covered.
  • Syncing price and inventory
  • Keeping things simple with in app help plus videos if you get stuck
  • US based chat, phone and video call support

We Make it Simple

  • Connect with existing OR new products
  • Pull in all your locations and match your products to your existing locations
  • You don't have to manually add csv files or any other such mess, we do the heavy lifting for you, its all automatic

Join many other happy store owners using our ByteStand suite of Amazon to Shopify apps