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SiteMessages app allow to display messages on various pages of Shopify store.

After app installation users have area to customize app settings and messages.

  1. On main customize screen list of all existing site messages will be displayed with option to edit, delete or deactivate next to each site message.

  2. Each individual site message consists of a message, page type and page location.

  3. Message format can be text or html. User should be able to type in message and define formatting via a WYSIWYG editor.

  4. User should be able to select multiple options. Page Type options are:

    • Entire Site
    • Home Page
    • Catalog Page
    • Product Page
    • Checkout Page
    • Entire Site
  5. User should be able to select multiple locations. Page Location options are:

    • Top Left
    • Top Middle
    • Top Right
    • Middle Left
    • Middle
    • Middle Right
    • Bottom Left
    • Bottom Middle
    • Bottom Right
    • Use Place Holder
  6. Use should be able to place holder ##SITEMESSAGE-ID##. ID will be unique no representing individual site message that will be displayed on screens in point 4 above. User can embed above in page specific liquid file and it will be replaced with respective site message. This will allow greater flexibility on location of message.