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Sell digital files and videos
Sell digital files and videos

Automatically deliver downloadable digital files and streaming videos to your customers immediately after their purchase.

Simple delivery
Simple delivery

Easy-to-access and navigate the delivery and storage of multiple files and videos that can be sold with physical products seamlessly.

Your store, your branding
Your store, your branding

All delivery pages are hosted directly within your branded Shopify store so your customers will never have to leave your site.

Sky Pilot is a Shopify app for selling downloadable digital files and videos

For the Shopify store owner that offers digital products and requires a seamless solution to sell and share videos and files directly through your Shopify store, look no further.

Increase sales and digital downloads without delays or extra steps with Sky Pilot for Shopify.

Some of the biggest features and benefits include:

  • Create easy-to-navigate delivery of multiple digital items organized into folders.
  • Your customers will have automatic access to files and videos immediately after purchase.
  • Customizable pages deliver your files and videos to customers.
  • File protection allows you to limit downloads per file, as well as set access to expire after a chosen number of days, and finally get alerts when access is being abused.
  • Files/videos can be attached to physical products without affecting fulfillment status, easily allowing you to sell files/videos bundled with a physical product.
  • Organize files and videos into folders and playlists, customizable to your specific needs.
  • Unlimited files/videos per item in your store.

How Sky Pilot works

After checkout, your customer will be directed to a page within your store to download files and/or stream videos associated with their purchase. They will also receive a link to the page via email to download at their convenience.

At any point, a customer can log in to their account in your store to access files or videos they have purchased. This page shows an organizable list of files and/or a playlist of all streaming videos. Check out in our demo store below to watch it all in action!

All delivery pages are hosted directly within your Shopify store. It is completely customizable, with access to both basic settings and full code customization...there is no need to connect dots to make this work for your store! The customer stays within your Shopify store the entire time, with no external bridges.

Selling physical products and want to offer a digital download component to the purchase?

We have you covered! You can attach multiple files or videos to a product. Files/videos can be attached to physical products without affecting the fulfillment status.

Advanced Features and Shopify Plus Support

Have larger needs than what you see here? NO problem.

Sky Pilot offers custom pricing that can scale to fit your needs. We have advanced infrastructure that can handle major releases. Contact support today and we can help you set it up!