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Audit your ad campaigns
Audit your ad campaigns

We analyze your data to understand your business and let you know how you are doing

Get recommendations
Get recommendations

We give you actionable and specific recommendations that help you fine tune your advertising to increase conversions and reduce costs

Models based on results
Models based on results

We’ve built machine learning models that encode industry best practices to give you recommendations that increase revenue and decrease costs

Smart Marketer by Nogin is a multi-channel marketing automation tool designed to create effective paid search and paid social campaigns. Smart Marketer combines real-time and historical inventory, sales, and traffic data to craft advertising campaigns that maximize sales and customer acquisition.

Once you integrate Smart Marketer with your Shopify shop, run an AI-powered marketing audit to assess your industry. Oversee your advertising efforts using our intuitive dashboard. Smart Marketer uses statistical models and machine learning to evaluate consumer behavior and shopping interactions. Our powerful marketing tool runs hundreds of test campaigns to determine the most effective advertisements to reach your customers while boosting your conversions and lowering your marketing costs.

Cut the expensive costs of a marketing agency while maximizing your budget on advertisements you know will work. Use your Smart Marketer.

You must have a Google Analytics account to enable us to fully audit your advertising performance.

Smart Marketer is currently in beta and we are interested in your feedback. We expect to deploy enhancements and new features including additional marketing channels and analytics during the beta period.