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Interact with your customers where they often are

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No Coding Require
No Coding Require

You do not need coding to integrate this app with your store

Live WhatsApp Chat
Live WhatsApp Chat

Provide customer support via live chat on their WhatsApp

Build Trust Among Visitors
Build Trust Among Visitors

Instant answer creates a kind of relief in people that someone will answer their question, build the credibility of your store.

Let your store visitors contact you on your provided WhatsApp number.

Online stores are replacing offline stores, but online shopping seems to be missing something. Offline stores have sales staff to convince potential buyers. Despite the well-written product description and other buyer's reviews, visitors may have confusion before the final decision.

But what if their confusion can be addressed immediately????

Fortunately communicating with people today is easier and free than ever before. People are connected across many messaging services and WhatsApp is very popular among all. Taking advantage of the popularity of WhatsApp, you can enhance the shopping experience of visitors by instant communication.

If the visitor will have any questions and will see the icon of WhatsApp he/she will consider reaching you immediately rather than leaving the store. And you know communication is the key.

What will you get after adding this app?

  • Lets the visitor get in touch with you via WhatsApp
  • Set the position of WhatsApp icon
  • Upload the icon of your choice.
  • No technical skills required. Enable/Disable the app with just one click.
  • Set the greeting message of your choice