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Ajax add to cart click effects

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Ajax add to cart effects

Improve your customers' experience by allowing flash notifications when the user clicks on the "add to cart" button! Note: supports the ajax "add to cart" button only.

If you are looking for a "Thank you" or "Item added to cart" message or simply want to make sales more interactive, this Sparkle App is for you.

Effects available

App uses jQuery to catch the "add a product" event and show your customers simple and nice-looking effects. So far, you can choose from seven effects:

  • Favicon "+1" quantity animation
  • Favicon "+1" quantity animation with a "Thank you" browser tab's title flash message
  • Full-width auto-hide "Thank you" notification message or "Item added to cart" message
  • Wide auto-hide popup "Thank you" message or "Item added to cart" message
  • Small auto-hide popup flash message
  • The added quantity auto-hide animation in the middle of the page
  • "Thank you" message with flying quantity animation