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Manage and Display Product Specification Charts with Ease

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Instant Specification Charts
Instant Specification Charts

Create professionally designed specification tables for all of your products within minutes.

Multiple Charts
Multiple Charts

Build multiple charts and associate them to different types of products sitewide.

Dynamic Data
Dynamic Data

With Easy Specs you can add metafields, Shopify fields, and even input your own data.

What is Easy Specs?

Easy Specs is a Shopify app that allows store owners to easily manage and display product specification charts site wide.

Why Specification Charts?

Specification charts are proven to increase conversions by providing your customers with the information they need to know in a simple fashion.

With additional product specifications displayed to your customer, they now have the answers they need and become more confident in adding the product to the cart.

Why Easy Specs Over All the Other Chart Apps?

We built Easy Specs to help serve some of our largest Shopify and Shopify Plus customers build more trust with their customers which ultimately helps boost conversions. Our app is built with the most up-to-date lightweight code in mind, allowing your site's speed to thrive. In addition to that, no other app allows you to use dynamic data - they are all static by nature and only show what you input manually.

Easy Specs allows you to combine a number of ways to display data in the chart with the use of metafields, existing shopify fields, and manual text strings.

How does it help convert?

Surveys show that when your customer is shopping and is left with unanswered questions, they tend to leave your site to find information elsewhere ~ at which point they may end up purchasing from your competitor. With Easy Specs, show ALL of the data your customer needs to make a purchase.

With Easy Specs you can:

  • Mobilize customized specification charts within minutes - site wide
  • Create a specification charts and associate them to products by: types, collections, tags, vendors, or by products
  • Use Shopify fields, metafields, and manually inputted text strings
  • Attributes are dynamic, they can change when the sku or variant changes to show the most accurate information possible in the least confusing way

Easy Specs Features:

  • A simple admin experience for creating and managing specification charts on your store
  • Standard templates that can be used instantly OR you can customize your tables to match your store's design using CSS
  • Fully customized data that pulls from different sources: Shopify fields, meta fields, and manual data