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Boost Your Store Speed To New Levels Guaranteed

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Designed by Shopify Experts an
Designed by Shopify Experts an

Backed up by years of eCommerce insights, this app utilizes industry practices to provide you performance.

Improve SEO and Conversions
Improve SEO and Conversions

Faster sites rank higher in search engines and gain better conversions

Run Your Website on Superspeed
Run Your Website on Superspeed

Boost your theme's page speed on a new level. Gain by just installing the app.

Run your website fastly! The days of slow loading pages are now gone. Speed Booster is a simple and straightforward solution for increasing the speed of your Shopify theme.

Webinopoly's Shopify experts and developers have made it their goal to create solutions that can enhance the lives of Shopify entrepreneurs like you, and thereby improve the shopping experience of your consumers.

Check your Shopify store's PageSpeed on Google. Don't be too surprised if your results reveal that your store is slow. It happens. Most Shopify sites fail Google's speed test for various reasons (heavy images, dirty and unoptimized code, etc). Fortunately, there’s Speed Booster.

How does Speed Booster work?

Speed Booster makes your store load faster by optimizing your website’s images, CSS and JavaScript, and preloading all of your page content before customers even click on the page link.

  • Makes your site's pages load instantly
  • Improves your conversion rate and SEO ranking
  • Analyzes the apps that pull your page speed down
  • Uses predictive page loading speed
  • Compresses your images but leaves it on high quality
  • Run a detailed analysis to help you troubleshoot
  • Nice and simple, no coding skills required

Why is page speed load time important?

It’s natural that when a website takes too long to load, you move on and look elsewhere. Research shows that website visitors abandon a website if it loads slower than expected.

A faster loading speed means higher conversions and better profits for your website as it can reduce your bounce rate and cart abandonment, and thereby improve overall sales.

How fast will your page load?

Installing Speed Booster will significantly reduce page load time and will speed boost your website, don’t believe us, check it yourself on the Google insights speed test and see the difference.

Speed Booster is the end result of collaboration with experienced developers. Speed Booster cuts page load times so your shoppers can have a smooth shopping experience, and you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Install today and see the difference. Install in just a few steps, no coding needed:

  • Install Speed Booster
  • Back up your live theme. Click ‘integrate app’. Done!
  • Check Google PageSpeed to see the difference.