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Create persuasive promotional messages of your discounts!

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Auto-Generated Promo Messages

Automatically generate persuasive shareable messages for your promotions and discounts that capture the attention of your customers.

Share Unique-Engaging Messages

Share unique compelling messages that inform your customers and bring customers to your store.

No Additional Content Required

No need to add new content to promote your discounts or face the issues of knowing how to compose a well written promotional message.

What is Spiel?

Spiel helps you create unique compelling promotional messages for your discounts. With automation, Spiel composes unique, human-like promotional messages that you can share on any social platform. Merchants do not have to face and spend lots of money to create well-written promotional messages that return customers to their store. Composing promotional messages for a large number of products and discounts is a time-consuming task by writing and is expensive. It is important that Merchants dedicate an efficient amount of time to ensuring that their content is frequently updated.


Please note, this app only creates messages within Shopify. You are free to modify any of the generated messages to fit your content and share them on any social platform of your choosing.

Why use Spiel?

  1. Copywriters are expensive.
  2. Merchants have to pay copywriters upfront without knowing whether the message is any good.
  3. It takes too long to learn and create good promotional messages that bring customers to your store.
  4. Merchants have to devote large amounts of resources to avoid being out of touch and share their promotions and discounts.

List of features

  1. Import your current discounts from your store.
  2. Highly customizable unique messages based on your discounts and promotions.
  3. Automatically generate shareable promotional messages for your discounts.
  4. And many moreā€¦

How to generate a discount message?

  1. Import your existing Shopify discount.
  2. Click Setting.
  3. Click Connect on Twitter account. You will be redirected to authorize your account return to your previous Shopify tab, You will see a green success banner.
  4. Click Overview in top menu to return to discounts page
  5. Click one if the imported discounts to view the details.
  6. Set a category for your message.
  7. Add your hashtags for your messages.
  8. Click generate new message button.
  9. Select images you wish to post with the message, if available.
  10. Change or modify the message to your promotional needs.
  11. Click Save changes.
  12. Click Promote on the top right of the screen.

Spiel is a partner-friendly review app

For any extra support needs, we are here to help!

Import your existing discounts

Import your existing discounts

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Connect to your social media profiles

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Generate promotional messages