Payment instalments that give a better customer experience

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Drive more conversions

With no registrations, a fast checkout and high approval rates.

No new consumer loans

Customers use the credit card they already trust. No new lenders and no new loans.

Universally accepted

Credit cards continue to dominate global purchasing and are used by all generations.

Buy now, pay later that works better for you and your customers.

Splitit is the only installment payment solution that allows shoppers to use their existing credit card at checkout without increasing their debt. We do this by providing the technology that empowers merchants to offer installments.

We allow shoppers to buy things they can afford in a savvier way by avoiding or limiting, credit card interest while still earning their card’s rewards and protection against fraud. Consumers can ‘finance’ their purchases with their existing credit.

We offer A better customer experience because there are no applications, no credit checks, no approval process or redirects. Shoppers checkout in 3 simple steps. And, because we don't acquire your customers, harvest their data, or cross-sell to them, we let your shoppers stay your shoppers, as it should be.

Splitit helps you increase your purchase size because there are no arbitrary credit limits. Our average order value is $1,000+, that’s 4x higher than legacy “buy now, pay later” providers.

PLUS, as Splitit does not issue new loans, the service falls under existing credit card regulations.

Here's how it works:

  • Consumers select Splitit at checkout, then enter their credit card details and select the number of installments.
  • There is no account to create and the consumer isn't redirected to the Splitit site, meaning your customer STAYS your customer.
  • Splitit processes the first installment and then places a hold on the shopper's credit card for the remaining balance.
  • Each month, Splitit charges an installment and reduces the hold until the balance is paid.
  • You can get paid upfront with our funded model or can receive the balance in monthly installments as the shopper pays.
  • You control the number of installments from 3-12 months.

Splitit consistently delivers a positive ROI, especially with high-dollar items like furniture, jewelry, and sporting goods. There are no setup fees, and you're only charged for the transactions you process, so there are no risks. You can cancel at any time. Plus with Shopify, the integration is seamless. If you do have questions at any point, our help center is here to get you up and running fast!

The Merchant Portal gives you total control

The Merchant Portal gives you total control

Checkout integration is frictionless with only 2 extra clicks

Checkout integration is frictionless with only 2 extra clicks

Shopper analytics help you stay ahead

Shopper analytics help you stay ahead