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Maximize your release moment

Share new merch with fans as soon as it drops and easily swap out featured items from your Shopify store to keep offerings fresh.

Reach your true fans

Spotify is the world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service. Your fans are already here, and we can help you reach them.

Better with music

Like at live shows, selling merch to your top fans on Spotify makes the most of the strong connection they feel listening to your music.

Turn your artist profile into a virtual merchtable.

Easily manage and sell merch to your fans on Spotify via your artist profile by connecting your Shopify store to your Spotify for Artists account. Included with this integration:

  • A simple and fast connection process. All you need is admin access to your artist team on Spotify for Artists and Shopify store. Install the Spotify for Artists app in Shopify or enter your Shopify store information into the Merch tab of your Spotify for Artists profile to get started.
  • Easily manage sales and inventory by publishing up to 250 items from Shopify to Spotify and selecting up to three items at a time to feature on your artist profile. You can track all sales from Spotify in your Shopify dashboard. If a featured item goes out of stock, it will be removed from the artist profile automatically. You can change or remove featured items at any time via Spotify for Artists.
  • If your Shopify store sells merch for multiple artists, you can connect your store to multiple artist profiles within Spotify for Artists and assign each artists’ merch “collection” to their corresponding profile.
  • Once your merch is on Spotify, Spotify will surface it to your fans. Artists in all markets where Spotify is active can link their Shopify stores to make their merch available to listeners worldwide.

Spotify is already a top destination for music streaming, and now your fans can buy where they listen. However you want to set up your virtual merch table on Spotify, it’s in your hands to manage, powered by your Shopify store.

To use the Spotify for Artists app, you must:

  • Be or manage a musical artist with recorded music available on Spotify’s streaming service
  • Sell merch related to your music career / identify via a Shopify store
  • Have admin access to a Spotify for Artists account
Spotify artist profile for Remi Wolf featuring merch items

Spotify artist profile for Remi Wolf featuring merch items

Product details page for Remi Wolf’s Tie Dye Tee

Product details page for Remi Wolf’s Tie Dye Tee

Shopify store admin view showing artist connection screen

Shopify store admin view showing artist connection screen