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SpringVerify assists you in verifying the customer and preventing users who have criminal records from attempting to purchase with false information.

This app offers a background verification feature that could be used to background check on consumers prior to selling them certain products and ensure that your product does not end up in the wrong hands.

One such use case of the app but not limited to is Identity verification and fraud prevention before selling armors and defensive kits.

User Verification Process

  • The process begins with the verification of the personal information of the user, User is asked to enter the personal information and give consent for verification.
  • Then users can select one of the three choices listed below.
    1. Driver's license verification
    2. Passport Verification
    3. Quiz Based Verification
  • The user is only allowed to proceed with the checkout page when he or she has been verified.

Note -

  • In case if a user fails in one of the verification then the user still can verify using the other verification methods.
  • If a user fails to verify in all three verification methods, then the user cannot proceed with checkout.


  • The app's dashboard displays a list of users who have been vetted.

World-class support

  • 24/7 customer support via email and chat
  • Forms Installation and CSS customization