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Easy Streaming
Easy Streaming

Broadcast live from your smartphone to your storefront as easily as making a video call.

Conversational Commerce
Conversational Commerce

Be in constant conversation with your customers and answer questions in real time.

Multistream to Social
Multistream to Social

Reach your community and drive buyers to your store to watch and chat in real time.

Stage TEN is the easiest way to engage your customers in a two-way conversation. No production skills required. Just be yourself, talk about your product and connect directly with your audience of buyers. When you engage your customers in real time, it’s easier to make sales.

  • Guided Selling - Stage TEN lets you bring your expertise to the game, and help people make the right product choices and informed buying decisions.
  • Product Drops - Do exclusive drops, offer new products or launch limited edition items. A Stage TEN sale makes it special and lets your customers feel the excitement.
  • Engage and Monetize Followers - Influencers, creators and brand ambassadors can live stream content that people want to watch. Makeup, fashion, lifestyle or cooking content can move a lot of product. It doesn’t have to be all about the hard sell.

Social Connections

Stage TEN generates a page to ‘go live’ right on your Shopify-powered store, and lets you simulcast across your social channels like YouTube and Facebook.

What You Need

  • An online Shopify store
  • An iOS device (Android coming soon)
  • The Stage TEN Mobile Studio app (available in the Apple App Store)

3-Step Setup

  1. Sign up for your free Stage TEN account
  2. Create a live video promotion
  3. Download the Stage TEN Mobile Studio app and go live