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Sticky Add to Cart, Cart Slider w/ Upsell, Quick Buy, & More!

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Sticky ATC & Checkout Buttons
Sticky ATC & Checkout Buttons

Makes it as easy as possible for your customers to buy with Sticky Add To Cart Bar & as easy to checkout with Sticky Checkout Bar

Impossible to Miss Checkout
Impossible to Miss Checkout

The cart is always visible for easier checkout! With Sticky Cart it is impossible for your customers to miss where to checkout

Quick Buy on Product Listings
Quick Buy on Product Listings

Allows customers to buy directly from product listings whether they are on the homepage, collection page, widget etc...

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What is Sticky Add to Cart?

It's a bar that follows a shopper around to enhance the customer experience and increase conversions with sticky add-to-cart functionality. The cart button follows the customer around as they scroll down the page looking for more products to add to the cart.

What are the Sticky Add to Cart features?

Sticky Add To Cart navigation bar

  • A floating bar that becomes visible either when customers start to scroll/swipe down or when customers scroll/swipe beyond the original Add To Cart button. The bar contains a Buy button so your customers can quickly add a product to the cart without going back up to the original Add To Cart button. You can also enable the Skip To Checkout (1-click checkout) feature and send customers directly to checkout!

Sticky Cart

  • A floating cart that's always visible making it easier for your customers to checkout!

Quick Buy Button

  • Buy button that is added to product listings. It allows your customers to buy directly from product listings on the homepage, collection pages, recommendation widgets, etc.

Cart Slider

  • Interactive cart drawer that improves UX and will show on add to cart instead of redirecting to the cart page. Enable Cart Reserved, Shipping Bar, and Cart Upselling to reduce cart abandonment and increase AOV.

Sticky Checkout Bar/Button

  • Improve user experience and increase checkout rate by showing the always visible Checkout button to your customers on the Cart page.


  • Sticky Add To Cart bar for easier add-to-carts
  • Sticky Cart for reducing cart abandonment
  • Attention-grabbing button animations
  • Quick Buy button for adding to cart related products and products listed on non-product pages
  • Sticky Checkout Bar/Button for making it easier for your customers to checkout and improving overall user experience
  • Automatically inherits your shop's brand style. It makes it looks like a native part of the theme with no designers needed and low effort. You can also easily customize it to make the add to cart (ATC) button stand out even more
  • Skip To Checkout feature (when product A is added to the cart and the customer wants to instantly checkout on product B, the full cart with both A and B products are included at checkout)
  • Automatically integrates with existing Pinterest, Facebook, and Google Analytics tags
  • Custom Seasonal Themes: Halloween, Winter/Snow/Christmas, Valentine's Day
  • Analytics and statistics

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No hidden fees. No developers are needed. 1-click safe install. Does NOT change theme files!

Pricing based on Shopify plan!