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Easily Create Subscriptions

Easy single click installation that is highly secure as the app is developed using Shopify APIs and hence all data is stored with Shopify.

Offer Recurring Orders

Reduce churning and increase customer retention with increased sales for merchants and more savings for customers.

Flexible Subscription Rules

Merchants can bill once for many deliveries, making it easier to increase income and grow the business.

Switch your clients into daily/weekly/monthly and even yearly subscribers! Quickly create subscription plans. A flexible compelling tool; grow steadfast recurring revenue and customer loyalty.


Powered with the latest Subscription API & flexible UI manages subscriptions.


Customizable design; seamlessly integrates with store design. Supports all free and most paid themes. Customer support on customization is available.


Batch your subscription plan prices, or offer fixed or flexible discounts seamlessly on plans.

Add the subscription widget next to your Add-to-cart button and with a few clicks, let them easily subscribe!

Manage Recurring Orders

Generate revenue by enticing customers’ repeat orders without direct customer-interaction

  • Enable customer management of subscriptions.

  • Restart/cancel subscriptions for customers.

  • Option to pause the subscription to reduce cancellations

  • Automatic renewal of subscription on the customer specified date.

  • Product swapping for customers.

Overview of Subscriptions

Monitor the Dashboard, keep track of the active, expired or paused subscriptions. With analytics, keep live updates of your subscribers.

Secure Billing Process

Secured billings with automatic recurring payments:

  • Pay as you go: Charged for each delivery

  • Prepaid: Customer makes a single payment upfront (Supposedly: $100 upfront for annual membership).

  • Prepaid Billing: Customer pays for two or more deliveries.

Customization Check

  • Customization for themes available

  • No-code theme set up for Online Store 2.0 themes

  • Customizable Notification settings for all events in the subscription order flow.

Helping hand for store owners!

  • Powerful portal: Create and manage subscription plans swiftly.

  • Notifications for successful and failed billing attempts, retry failed transactions.

  • Instantly visible subscription plans.

  • Easily create custom subscriptions on behalf of customers.

  • Specify unique delivery rates for subscription plans.

  • Unpublish seasonal subscription plans and publish them later.

Strong Features:

  • Accessible app demo

  • 24/7 live quick chat support

  • Insightful reports

  • Shopify multi-currency feature

  • Real-time updated Tax information

  • Updateable payment method & shipping address

  • Automatic Tax and Shipping rates as per the Shopify store settings

  • Configure rules and on-boarding flow for subscriptions

  • Integrated with checkout flow and order management system

  • Easy for customers to start/pause/cancel a subscription or to skip an order on a specific date.

  • Actively implementing new subscription flows and features.

Managing Subscription Plans Made Easier

Managing Subscription Plans Made Easier

Build in Discounts

Build in Discounts

Customizable Billing and Delivery

Customizable Billing and Delivery

View Subscriptions in Cart Pages

View Subscriptions in Cart Pages

Option to pause or cancel subscription

Option to pause or cancel subscription

Manage Subscriptions and Payments

Manage Subscriptions and Payments