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Automatic Tag Generation
Automatic Tag Generation

No need to input keywords. SUPER INK AI is made by Fashion Experts to give you full automation and accuracy.

Versatile SEO Friendly Writing
Versatile SEO Friendly Writing

SUPER INK generates high-quality fashion content that positively impacts your search rankings.

Reduce Cost & Grow Business
Reduce Cost & Grow Business

SUPER INK helps you accelerate your business with reduced production cost & faster go-live of products.


Fast & cost-effective way to generate descriptions for Fashion products powered by AI made with the expertise of Fashion Experts.

SUPER INK uses advanced visual AI and machine learning to give you high quality descriptions instantly.

Automatic Tag Generation

No need to input keywords. SUPER INK gives you full automation and accuracy.

Trained by Fashion Experts

Fashion experts have trained the SUPER INK AI across a wide variety of fashion categories.

Tonalities to suit your brand

Our software includes different tonalities that you can choose from to match your product descriptions to your brand's personality, thereby giving your products a character of their own.

Enhance your SEO

No two descriptions will ever be the same, however similar the products may be. It gives your SEO a much-needed boost.

Editing Capabilities

Don't like a particular word or sentence in the description? Just edit the description manually and switch it out for what you prefer. We give you the flexibility to mould your product descriptions however you want.