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Add polls & surveys to your stores post purchase page

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Quick & easy setup
Quick & easy setup

Setup amazing looking surveys that fit seamlessly into your post purchase checkout page.

Collect critical insights
Collect critical insights

Learn about your customers feedback after they purchase products.

Discover sales opportunities
Discover sales opportunities

Discover high performing sales channels or new conversion opportunities.

Fuzzy Surveys helps you set up polls and surveys on your post purchase confirmation page.

App Features

  • Get started with pre-built survey templates (or build your own)
  • No coding or integration scripts required
  • Surveys are injected directly into your post-purchase confirmation page
  • Multiple survey types are available - multi-select, single select or free text field answers
  • For each survey response, you get detailed analytics to understand what the customer purchased and how much was spent
  • Export customer feedback results (CSV / Microsoft Excel)
  • No watermarks or advertising from our app
  • 100% GDPR compliant

Use Cases

Some examples of how you could use Fuzzy Surveys:

  • Get feedback on customer satisfaction rates
  • Understand what marketing is working best for your store
  • Check the social media platforms your customers typically use
  • Determine what other products your customers may be interested in
  • Check customer buying intention (was the purchase a gift or for themselves?)
  • Perform Net Promoter Score (NPS) analysis
  • Reduce churn rate by finding areas that your store could improve
  • Collect additional details about your customers after a purchase is made (to ensure it does not impact your conversion rate)