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Upload high-quality vector graphics with just a few clicks!

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High-Quality Vector Graphics
High-Quality Vector Graphics

The Easy SVG Uploader plugin allows you to upload high-quality vector graphics that scale to any screen with low file sizes.

Site Speed (SEO Boost)
Site Speed (SEO Boost)

Images play a key role when it comes to slowing your site down. SVG graphics will keep your site load times quick which boosts SEO!

Secure and Safe SVG Upload
Secure and Safe SVG Upload

SVG's are known to be dangerous which is why safety of security of your site was our upmost priority when developing this application.

Easy SVG Uploader

Introducing the Easy SVG Uploader app! Upload high-quality scalable vector graphics with just a few clicks!

Key Benefits:

  • High-Quality Vectors
  • Low File Size Images
  • Improved Site Speeds (SEO Boost)
  • Secure SVG Upload

3 Easy Steps:

  1. Open SVG in a Text Editor
  2. Copy and Paste SVG Code
  3. Modify and Style SVG

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  • Please note, this application only works with Online Store 2.0.