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Leverage Your Assets
Leverage Your Assets

Group products that work together. Leverage your product page to showcase those products with swatches. They are intriguing to customers.

Time is Money
Time is Money

Swatch faster. Merchandise smarter. After swatching, you will see the image and an RGB color analysis. You get to choose which to use.

Micro Images Tell A Big Story
Micro Images Tell A Big Story

Abstraction reduces complexity. Swatch an identifiable part a product and use it to help lead the customer through a shopping experience.

Group any products and swatch them in seconds

  • Inventory rules are followed; Swatch is automatically suppressed when out of stock and restored when new inventory is available.
  • When a product is swatched, RGB color analysis is also made. You choose which you want to use, micro image or CSS generated color swatch.
  • World-class enterprise systems and CDN used for storing and displaying swatches. Your shoppers will be intrigued by microimages.
  • Unlimited groupings and swatches.

Groupings are created by selecting products.

  • If you set up your store with simple products (products that have only one kind of variant like the size but chose to create new products for each new color) and would like a simple way to group those products and display swatches for each on the product page, this is the app for you.
  • The primary product image is used for swatches. If an alternate image is preferred, then promote it to the primary image and then add the product to a grouping. After the swatch is made, you can promote any image you prefer to become the lead graphic.
  • The container for the swatches consists of 3 lines of code on the liquid product page. There is an auto-install for most themes. If the app is uninstalled, the lines of code will be ignored and will not impact the speed of your site.
  • The product swatches and their container are non-blocking elements on your site and will load after all other liquid code has been rendered for the shopper.