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Better Pagespeed, faster store
Better Pagespeed, faster store

Theme Optimizer, Image Compression & Lazyload technology (defers loading PNG, JPG images, pages until users need them). Auto optimize daily

Loading faster with Preload
Loading faster with Preload

Store Speed booster solution with linking & font caching Preloading. Critical CSS Inlining, minifier JS, CSS, HTML. No coding required & AMP

Higher SEO rank and Traffic
Higher SEO rank and Traffic

Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Klaviyo & 3rd apps optimization will boost website speed at least 20 points. Vital for Mobile Web Boost

Why should every merchants optimize their website speed?

40% of people will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. With Google Search now including Core Web Vitals as the foundation for evaluating page experience, a fast-loading site will be ranked higher in search engine (SEO) & increase conversion.

What is Swift?

Not like heatmap tools like Hotjar, Lucky Orange which help you to analyze audience, Swift is a Shopify Page Speed Optimization solution offering an innovative approach based on powerful tools including Google Lighthouse, PageSpeed Insights, GTMetrix, Pingdom to optimize commonly used apps & analytics, and speed up store performance.

Advanced Smart Lossy Image Compression technology

  • Helps to compress & optimize large image size images similar to Crush.pics. Lighter means faster!
  • Keep backups of each compressed image, so you can restore them fast with a click

Auto Optimize process to save tons of time

  • Instead of manually optimizing, auto-optimization service optimizes new images & files fully automated just uploaded to store, so you can focus more on your business

File Optimizer & lighter with minification & unused JavaScript (JS) deferral

  • Minifies JS, CSS, HTML, theme asset files to reduce page size & speed up store's initial load time, FCP, LCP, TBT

Media files loaded only when visitors need them

  • With smart Lazy Load technology, Swift automatically defers the loading of images, leaving them ”off-screen” & inline critical CSS, so they do not affect to your store speed.
  • A brilliant way of optimizing both perceived & real performance

Speed up next-page navigations with preloading

  • Not just analyze like heat map tools, Swift predicts what page a visitor is going to visit next, or which link is most likely to be clicked, then preloads those contents, font caching & delivers the page right after it is requested. Therefore, users would experience a very short waiting time & lower bounce rates
  • Makes store faster 600 milliseconds on average from loading time on Homepage speed & others. By using AI, Swift provides the level-up prefetch techniques to increase 3x faster speed than other apps using normal Preload.

Analysis and suggestions from 7-year experienced experts

  • Accelerate store speed with our all-in-one Swift Expert service, from analyzing store, optimizing redundant code & jQuery, to testing scores from tools & 3rd apps (Livechat, Quick Announcement Bar, Google Analytics / Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, Klaviyo and more). Guarantee speed increase more than 10 points!

Additional benefits

  • No affect on your theme: Swift always saves your settings fully automate to help you undo every change made in app in 1-click.
  • No coding required, just follow instruction & click.