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Save your time by automating manual processes

SyncWith frees up the time you would spend running reports and copy/pasting them into spreadsheets. Use our web site to get downloadable CSVs, or our Google Sheets add-on to keep your data securely synced into a spreadsheet that's always up to date.

Reduce errors

Spreadsheets are great tools for managing your business. Updating them manually is error prone. With SyncWith managing your workflow, you'll never have to wonder again if you updated the right spreadsheet, or forgot to pull the latest data.

Common tasks SyncWith can do

Our users use SyncWith in a variety of ways, including:

  • Exporting discount code usage data for marketing analysis
  • Exporting product SKUs for data cleaning
  • Building spreadsheet dashboards with interactive pivot tables showing sales by store, day or product
  • Tracking inventory and forecasting when to restock popular items
  • Tracking ROI of ad spend on other platforms by correlating UTM tags against Shopify order volume

Thanks to Shopify's powerful API, almost any business process can be improved with SyncWith and Google Sheets. If you have an idea but aren't certain how to implement it, reach out to us to discuss.